Commercial Area
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Soy Beans arriving at the Perdue site for transfer to barges.$15 a bushel brought them outCorn from a barge heading for Perdue in Bridgville, DEInbound load of beans with MDDE 801 in background.Sow Beans going into barge.Sow Beans going into barge.Trucks, trains and tugs moving Sow Beans through the Perdue facility.Venture Milling facility from the east.Venture Milling facility from the west.Hopper card unloading areavibratortrucks unloading at Venture Milling  siteTugs and barge at the Moore site. The tugs assist each other when necessary to facilitate barge movement.Vulcan Materials Co. on south side of the river unloading stone.nasty dayMoore's farm unloading soy beans.Perdue covered barge perparing to load.Soy bean time again, 11-12-14Loading barge at Perdue south on a 15 degree day.Wheat being unloaded at the Kaye dock.Wheat being unloaded at the Kaye dock.Wheat being unloaded at the Kaye dock.End of the load.Kaye sand dump.Three barges abreast with dump truck unloading sand at the now Chaney operation. (was Kaye)The new guys in Seaford yard.
It's all working side by side.
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Updated 11-9-16
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