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Norfolk Southern Delmarva secondary through Seaford
Seaford StationNS secondary looking north NS secondary looking south across the Nanticoke River bridgesouthbound freighttrack renovation operationNS 5297 crossing the Nanticoke River traveling light.Size comparison between a typical Yard engine (left) and a Line engine (right)
This series is a couple hours of yard work in the Seaford yard by NS 5297NS deliveringcars the MDDE exchange area.The conductor a work.Checking moisture content of incoming meal.Venture Milling operator adjusting vibrator.
Tank cars entering the Growmark facility.Tank cars leaving the Growmark facility.The BASF facility in the Seaford Industrial Park is serviced by the NS Seaford yard engine. The NS Seaford yard engine's duties include the Allen/Harim mill at Cannon, DE24-7Seaford stationCrew change on the main line.
Seaford's Norfolk Southern yard
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10-8-18 MDDE 1201 & 1203
2-19-19 BCR end of the line
3-4-19 DCR 2501 & 2502
3-26-19  DCR 1560 & DCR 3505  
NS  9386 north bound across Nanticoke River bridge.NS Conductor at work.NS Conductor at work.Conductor in track maze.NS 3372 tied down.Seaford yard
dereailed tank cardsFour engines made an attempt to pull the tankers back onto the track without sucess.Lifting an engine back onto the tracks with a sucessful outcome.heavy liftingwith precisiona tank car on a flat bed in the yard
This is the three colors seen in the Seaford yard. Maroon from MDDE Short Line from Federalsburg, MD, black of Norfolk Southern, and the old Conrail blue.MDDE 1203 in Seaford for car exchange which usually happens daily. I believe this is the old PRR maron paint..MDDE 801 is painted as a Conrail Heritage Engine. The past PRR switchers were usually black.MDDE 801 with a big part of Seaford history in the background.MDDE 801 exchanging freight carsMDDE 801 exchanging freight carsMDDE 801 exchanging freight cars
My Delmarva RR Gallery
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Engineers and Conductors -
  When you see this Ram,
MDDE 801 crossing No Name Rd.MDDE 801 conductor operating a switch.Conductor uncoupling MDDE 801 from freight cars.Conductor turning hand brakeMDDE 801 working freightConductor workingWould you stop for this man?
Check back occasionally, I add pictures as I take them.
A 17 degree hour with MDDE 801 on 1-22-2014
MDDE 801 entering Seaford yard.MDDE 801 entering interchange area.Conductor turning a hand brake.Conductor's job isn't all riding.Conductor clearing snow from switch so it will lock in place.Conductor operating switch.Conductor Inspecting trainHalf wayOperating switchMDDE 801 leaving interchange area.MDDE 801 on the way home to  Federalsburg crossing RT 20.
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NS Geometry Unit
NS Geometry Units crossing the Nanticke River bridge on it's annual track inspection.NS 33 & NS 34 south bound south of Laurel, DE.NS 33, NS 34 & NS 5665 as power unit running track inspection.
Maryland and Delaware Railroad
NS 8825 & MDDE 1203 in interchange areaSeaford, Nantickoe River bridge.
MDDE 1203 coming into Seaford.MDDE 1203 coming into Seaford.   Invista Nylon plant in background.MDDE 1303 Conductor working.MDDE 1303 Conductor working.Seaford yard.MDDE 1303 departing yard.MDDE 1203 Conductor throwing the last switch on way back to Federalsburg, MD.
Bay Coast Railroad (Pocomoke City, MD to Little Creek, VA)
BCR 2014 at Parksley, VA.Parksley, VAParksley, VABCR 2014 south of VA state line.BCR 2014 at MD & VA state line.BCR 2014  southbound through Parksley, VA.BCR 2014  southbound.BCR 2000 in Cape Charles yard.BCR 2001 & 2000 in Cape Charles yard.BCR 2001 in Cape Charles yard.BCR car barge loading area on north side at Cape Charles, VA.BCR car barge loading area on south side at Little Creek, VA.BCR 400 in Little Creek, VA yard.Cape Charles yard.
MDDE 1203 working in the rain at Seaford, the nylon plant in the background.
Delaware Coast Line Railroad
DCLR 19 between Ellendale & Milton.DCLR 19 between Ellendale & Milton.DCLR 19 at Baker Petroleum in Milton, DEDCLR 182 at Gravel Hill, DE.DCLR 182 at Gravel Hill, DE.DCLR 4024 on Indian River Power Plant siding.DCLR 2054 at stone yard in NGR compound at Millsboro, DE.Dclr 4054 At Gravel Hill, DE.Dclr 4054 At Gravel Hill, DE.DCLR hand operated bridge at Lewes, DE.DCLR 4054 on Lewes canal hand operated bridge.DCLR 4054 on Lewes canal hand operated bridge.
  Some of the photos have recognizable people in them, although in public domain, I will blur your identity if you wish. If you observe a violation of procedure or safety I will gladly remove the photo.
View video of Lewes, DE hand operated RR bridge.
Another successful recovery
NS 6659 with 12 wheels on the ground. No injuries occurred.The "calvary" to the rescue. Actually Crane Masters Re-Rail Division. Making the plan.Making the plan.Perparing the lift rigging.Front-end up.Securing rails.Rear lifted rolling forward.Different angle by Marty.Resetting the tank car.
View video of the "cool hand" crane operator.
MDDE 1203 in NS interchange area 2-18-15.MDDE 1203 in NS interchange area 2-18-15.MDDE 1203 in NS interchange area 2-18-15.Conductor tying up loose ends before return run to Federalsburg.At the last switch outbound.
Video of MDDE 1203 crossing Stein Hwy.
Norfolk Southen Geometry - Track Train
At work southof Salisbury, MDCrossing the Pocomoke River Bridge.Crossing the Pocomoke River Bridge.NS 34 is referred to as a "slug", not equiped to propel itself.This is the power unit.Swapping ends to head back north.
NS 34 & NS 33 as a unit check track conditions while being pulled by a NS engine. They run through Delmarva about once a year.
MDDE 1203  3-2-16
MDDE 1202  5-25-16
12-15-2016  It appears official, Norfolk Southern has leased their Delmarva lines to Carload Express as the Delmarva Central Railroad.
For the rest of the story -
Delmarva Central gallery is near the bottom of the page.
First day on the job in their new role as Delmarva Central Railroad at Millsboro power plant. A slash of color for Delmarva.The new guys in Seaford yard.First DCR power with DCR logo in Seaford yard. 2-9-17First DCR power with DCR logo in Seaford yard. 2-9-17First DCR power with DCR logo in Seaford yard. 2-9-172nd locomotive in Seaford with  Delmarva Central logo.DCR 1560 & 1563 in Seaford yard.DCR 1560 & 1563 in Seaford yard.SWP 2002 at Thorogood's depot between Millsboro and Dagsboro.SWP 2005 (DCR) in SalisburyDCR 1652 in SalisburyDCR 1560 in Seaford yard with Perdue in background.In Seaford yard with Perdue in background.In Seaford yard with Perdue in background.DCR 2005 in Seaford yard 10-8-17DCR 2501 & 2502 in Harrington.DCR 3505 & 3506 inbound to Harrington.Group portrait at Harrington.DCR 1560&1561 in Seaford yard.Millsboro power plant spurDCR 1560 & DCR 3505 in Seaford yard.
Delmarva Central Railroad Gallery
NS C&D Canal bridge video
Northbound 2-23-17
MDDE 2630 Final days
Day one, June 6, 2018. The last day of MDDE 2630 as a whole locomotive.Day One  - head on. Men at the right with the plan.Day one - Preview of what's to come.Day 2Day 2Day 2Day 2Day 2End of day 2Day 3 - head on.Day 3 The end.
Massey shop, MDDE 801, MDDE 1201 & 1203 @ Federalsburg, MD
MDDE 801 at Massey.Remember the Massey shop?  This is where it was on 7-27-18, now a memory.MDDE 1201& 1203 near Federalsburg, MDMDDE 1201& 1203 near Federalsburg, MDMDDE 1201& 1203 near Federalsburg, MD
Bay Coast Railroad   The End of the line
BCR 2000 appears to be saved for the time being behind the Cape Charles Welcome Center near the Light House water tower.BCR 2000 and these cars appears to be saved for the time being behind the Cape Charles Welcome Center.The BCR yard on 2-19-19The fate of this car is unknown to me.This is the maintenence shed.Track removal crew at work.Track removal crew at work.Looking from the car loading dock to the east.The loading dock less rails.
This is the way it looked at Cape Charles, VA on Feb. 19, 2019. The last time I was on the south side there was a materials handling company using the track in front of the car barge loading dock.