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Gallery 1   Spirit of Baltimore, Hariette Moran, Timothy Mcallister, John W Brown, USNS Gilliland, Star Lysefjord, Trinityborg, 
4-2-19  Sea Fox
4-22-19 Sassafras, Tacoma,
4-26-19  Brownsville, Dylan                  Cooper, Weddell                     Sea, New York
6-6-19  Pride of Baltimore
Gallery 2   Peggy Winslow, Iron Lady, Privateer, cruise ship
PEGGY WINSLOWPEGGY WINSLOWPEGGY WINSLOWUpdated IRON LADY at Murtech at the head of Wicomico River.PRIVATEER at Murtech at the head of Wicomico ship in progress at Chesapeake Ship Building
Gallery 3  Kristin Poling, Fishing Creek, @ Murtech
KRISTIN POLING @ Reedy Point to Delaware City RefineryKRISTIN POLING @ Reedy Point to Delaware City RefineryKRISTIN POLING @ Reedy Point to Delaware City RefineryFISHING CREEK departing Delaware City with Fort Delaware in the backgroundUnknown tug at Murtech dock in Salibury, MD.
Gallery 4  Dolly Dagger, Ocean Gold, Wooley Bully
DOLLY DAGGER in Ocean City, MD harbor.OCEAN GOLD in Ocean City, MD harbor.WOOLEY BULLY in Ocean City, MD harbor.
           Captains and Crews
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Gallery 5   Capt Kenneth
CAPT KENNETH outbound on the Nanticoke River after deliverying the Woodland Ferry  3-21-19
Gallery 6  Sea Fox, Dolce Vita, Tow Boat US
SEA FOX at Reedy Point with a heavy barge.DOLCE VITA (maybe LA DOLCE VITA)TOW BOAT US at Chespeake City, MD
SASSAFRAS  pushing heavy petro  barge to Philly.SASSAFRASSASSAFRAS at RR Bridge, a close two.TACOMA C&D to Baltimore.SALISBURY with just wet hull.
Gallery 8  New York, Brownsville, Weddell Sea, Dylan Cooper
New York in C&D Canal enroute Baltimore with a light barge on the line.NEW YORK in C&D Canal.BROWNSVILLE in C&D with a light barge in front.BROWNSVILLE eastbound.BROWNSVILLE exiting the canal.WEDDELL SEA with light barge eastbound.WEDDELL SEAWEDDELL SEA approaching the RT 1 bridge.WEDDELL SEA and DYLAN COOPER meeting at the RT 1 bridge.DYLAN COOPER in the C&D Canal westbound heavy.DYLAN COOPER entering the C&D Canal.
Gallery 9  Pride of Baltimore
Pride of Baltimore eastbound in C&D Canal en route to Canada.CrewMeeting ACE Spies at the east end of the canal.Entering the Delaware River at Reedy Point.