Side Trip Gallery 
Updated: 1-24-2020
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Gallery 1  Camie, Ross Sea
CAMIE eastbuond on the C&D then upriver.  1-2-20
Ross Sea towing eastbound then upriver.
Passing Blackhawk.
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   Some of the photos have recognizable people in them, although in public domain, I will blur your identity if you wish. If you observe a violation of procedure or safety I will gladly remove the photo.
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Captains and Crews
When you see this Ram - Smile
Gallery 2  TINA, CAPT JP III, Smith Marine 
TINA preparing to move upriver from Delaware City.
TINA moving barge.
Out of Albany, NY headed for the Chesapeake Bay.
I hope it has more lifeboats when passengers are aboard.
Smith Marine at DE City dock.
SALISBURY inbound on the Wicomico to CATO in Salisbury.
Wicomico at Whitehaven 1-22-2020
Dredger ROCKBRIDGE working in front of the CATO dock in Salisbury, MD on the Wicomico  1-27-20
RIKKI-S working with dredge  Rockbridge on the Wicomico.  1-31-20
Annapolis 1-27-20 pre sea-trials
Post sea-trials Annapolis with sister Salisbury. Notice the difference in draft, Salisbury is in working trim, fuel, etc. 2-6-20
same as last
3 in a row
American Jazz at Chesapeake Shipbuilding 2-6-20
Rikki-S  at Salisbury city dock.  2-6-20